25 Sep

What is GWT XTender? – summary

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) XTender allows you to point and click to databind your dataobject to any GUI Widget available in GWT, ie: GWT-EXT or MYGWT.

  • Allows via eclipse wizard to create data binding between UI Widgets and data objects
  • Data binding code generated is typically 1 or 2 lines.
  • All data changes can be tracked in the GWT client application (Supports change tracking for client side data.)
  • Automated “Save Changes” capability.
  • Provides a clear separation between data model and displayed data in visual controls.
  • Provides hooks for custom data validation and formatting of the data.
  • Consumes GWT RPC and REST style messages.
  • Allows you to have the flexibility of choosing a data from some feed and via data binding point it to the GUI Widget of your choice without the need of rewriting large parts of the application.
  • Extensible to any GWT capable UI Widget set.
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