New GWT Chat Application

18 Oct

Leeloo Chat is a “smart” chat application. People can discuss publicly, register, build a profile, and exchange rich text messages with embedded images. The contact list is “smart” too: when you’re talking with someone, the chat will detect two-way dialogs, and move the relevant persons above the contact list, to allow for quick access to that person’s profile and for messaging. You can also that person to your friends. It’s evolving daily… Try it 🙂


Developed by : Joel Bourquard

Screenshot :

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Posted by on October 18, 2008 in GWT/CHAT/COMET


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One response to “New GWT Chat Application

  1. Emir Pasic

    May 5, 2009 at 7:21 am

    This is very cool indeed. I have been looking into Google Web Toolkit API for the past few weeks… this technology is really promising. I might consider adding this chat to our web site with (150k users). I am just a little bit worried about security issues, if the Java server might open a Pandora’s box.


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