GWT Pleso Framework

22 Jan

GWT Pleso Framework is a high-level framework based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT) for creating visual AJAX database front-end user interfaces. GWT Pleso Framework enables you to create automatically generated user interface based on business-logic classes.

It provides control panel solutions for:

  • web-site management;
  • database enterprise projects;
  • other relation-based projects.

It has a set of components for manipulating user data such as DataGrid, DataTextBox, DataComboBox etc.

Project highlights:

  • clear, Java interfaces based model
  • customizable automatically generated user forms
  • user-input validation system
  • flexible support for related data (child forms)
  • authentication, authorization system
  • error handling
  • replaceable windows manager
  • localization system
  • paged data view
  • text, numeric, date, time, enumeration, selection data controls

Website URL

 Take a look on:

You could try demo application based on GWT-PF online, just go to this link:

using next:

       login: demo 
       password: demo


GWT Dojo draw demo

GWT-PF Demo Screenshots - Enumeration value

GWT-PF – CityClubCard project

gwt-pf CityClubCard commercialFirst commercial project made on GWT-PF in details.




GWT-PF – ProCo Centre project

gwt-pf ProCo commercialOne of the most complex commercial projects made on GWT-PF by team. Project details.



GWT-PF – LCS project

gwt-pf LCS commercialOne of the first projects made on GWT-PF –  in Webware Group Inc. for LCS project. Thanks them for screenshots.



ODB-UI prototype

odb-ui prototypeODB- UI – it’s semantic-oriented interface, that helps user to easy manipulate with highly connected data. It’s our view to the future of user intefaces.




GWT-PF Demo Screenshots

gwt-pf 0.2Here you could find some screenshots of simple demo project based on GWT Pleso Framework for forms generation.



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