GWT Reflection

22 Jan

GWT Reflection- Overview

GWT Reflection give ability for GWT Developers to use reflection API on client side (browser side) of GWT Aplication.

GWT Reflection is a small framework which give you ability to use reflection API on client side (yes! on browse side!) of application. Google Web Toolkit obfuscate JavaScript so it is not readable for application in execution time. So.. it is hard to use any kind of reflection on browser side of application. To make JavaScript reflectable we must create some helper that could memorize class description in compilation time. This description will later (in runtime) help us to manipulate classes, even after obfuscate. 

GWT Reflection are composed of two component GWT Reflection Wrapper and GWT Reflection Description Generator. 

GWT Reflection Wrapper – provides basic functionality for Java 1.4 reflection API, we use this component on client side.
GWT Reflection Description Generator – provides simple tool (you can use it as ANT task) which create helpers for GWT Reflection Wrapper. This description will by used in runtime of application to manipulate your application classes. 

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