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Jquery – Image Slider

Source : anythingslider

css slider


  • Slides are HTML Content (can be anything)
  • Next Slide / Previous Slide Arrows
  • Navigation tabs are built and added dynamically (any number of slides)
  • Auto-playing (optional feature, can start playing or stopped)
  • Each slide has a hashtag (can link directly to specific slides)
  • Infinite/Continuous sliding (always slides in the direction you are going, even at “last” slide)
  • Multiple sliders allowable per-page (hashtags only work on first)
  • Pauses autoPlay on hover (option, coming soon!)

Usage & Options (defaults)

            easing: "easeOutBack",          // Anything other than "linear" or "swing" requires the easing plugin
            autoPlay: true,                 // This turns off the entire FUNCTIONALY, not just if it starts running or not
            startStopped: false,            // If autoPlay is on, this can force it to start stopped
            delay: 3000,                    // How long between slide transitions in AutoPlay mode
            animationTime: 600,             // How long the slide transition takes
            hashTags: true,                 // Should links change the hashtag in the URL?
            buildNavigation: true           // If true, builds and list of anchor links to link to each slide
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Javascript Compiler

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Modular CSS framework for building classy websites

The Classy Web Design Framework

A modular framework for rapid web development

Sparkl combines POSH markup, Bulletproof CSS and Unobtrusive JavaScript into one easy to use web development framework that makes it simple to create bulletproof websites that conform to web standards. It uses a modular framework, allowing you to use what you need and leave out what you don’t.

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XML to JSON – a converter

Its simple, free and fast 5kb Java Script file for converting XML to JSON

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Convert AJAX/JSON data into HTML

JavaScript Templating is the best way to turn AJAX/JSON data into HTML. Jemplate is the best way to do JavaScript Templating.

Jemplate beats other JavaScript Templating frameworks hands down for the following reasons:

  • Jemplate is a complete port of the popular Template Toolkit framework. This means it is very full featured indeed.
  • Templates are precompiled (one time, on the server) as JavaScript functions. There is no JavaScript runtime penalty of compiling templates.
  • Templates are not stored in your HTML. No silly tricks, like putting template code in hidden textareas.
  • A browser downloads your templates once and caches them. Just like any other JavaScript code.

This site is generated entirely by Jemplate. View Source to see for yourself.

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Jemplate Links

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Documentation generator for JavaScript

JsDoc Toolkit is an application, written in JavaScript, for automatically generating template-formatted, multi-page HTML (or XML, JSON, or any other text-based) documentation from commented JavaScript source code.

Based on the project, this was renamed “Jsdoc Toolkit” during development as it grew into more than a simple version upgrade.

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jsPDF generates PDF documents using pure JavaScript

jsPDF is an open-source library for generating PDF documents using nothing but Javascript. You can use it in a Firefox extension, in Server Side Javascript and with Data URIs in some browsers.

More examples and features to come. Get in touch if you’d like to help out!:)

See Demo

Client-side demo works best in Safari or iPhone Safari. Also works Firefox 3 on Windows and Opera. IE support on the way.

Server-side will work anywhere. See example of PDF generated in Jaxer.

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