A Simple Approach to Memory Analysis

09 Oct


Memory Leaks are a common error in programming, especially when the language used to write the Code has no in-built automatic garbage collection mechanism. A memory leak can greatly reduce the performance of the system by reducing the amount of available memory especially when the amount of memory available in a system is very limited (in the case of portable systems and embedded applications) and when the program runs for long periods of time (such as background tasks on servers). Due to the prevalence of the memory leak bugs, a number of debugging tools such as IBM Rational Purify, Bounds Checker, memwatch etc. have been developed. Another such tool is User Mode Heap Dump (UMDH). The advantage of using UMDH is that it is very light-weight and fairly all the memory leaks in an application can be traced along with the line number in the source code where the memory has been leaked in a simple and easier way.

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