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GWT in the Adobe AIR

With Google Chrome release, But the platform is not dead yet. For instance, GWT in the AIR just released its Milestone 1 version. A quick reminder: the aim of this project is to allow the development of AIR applications, i.e. desktop applications running on top of the Adobe AIR runtime, from GWT code.

GWT in the AIR makes the Adobe AIR API available for GWT using JSNI. This project also provides tools to ease “GWT in Adobe AIR” development includint test tools. The weakness of this project is its lack of documentation but it seems to be progressing. For the moment, the showcase and Adobe AIR documentation should be your starting points.

The Adobe AIR API for GWT……..

Makes the Adobe AIR API available for GWT (using JSNI) and provides tools to ease “GWT in Adobe AIR” development:

  • a GWT Linker to compile Java to JavaScript and produce an AIR application (or intermediate package) in a single step
  • an RMI BrowserManager to run JUnit unit tests within the ADL (AIR Debug Launcher)
  • a GWTShell subclass (AIRDebugLauncher) to launch the GWTShell (eventually with the embedded Tomcat) and run the application in the ADL


Given the lack of AIR hosted mode, you’d generally use GWT-in-the-AIR when developping applications targetting both the web and the desktop.

You’ll need GWT 1.5 RC2 or later to use GWT-in-the-AIR


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