cobogw – a widget library and GWT specific extensions

12 Apr

Home Page :

Widget Library

The widget library contains the following widgets:
Note: The Button widget requires GWT 1.5.3.
  • Button – A CSS styled widget, using only CSS to create a shading effect: (demo).
  • ButtonBar – A panel to horizontally align the Button widgets.
  • RoundedPanel – A widget to create similar rounded corners as found in several google web applications (demo).
  • RoundedLinePanel – An extension to the RoundedPanel that adds a single pixel line around your rounded widget.
  • Rating – A widget that allows users to set ratings (demo).
  • Span/TextNode – Widgets to add span and a text node tags to other widgets without overhead of additional div tags (demo).
  • VerticalTabPanel – TabPanel that displays tabs stacked on the TabBar which is positioned on the left side of the tabPanel.
  • CSS – A helper class to help with CSS properties.
  • And some other simple widgets and helper classes…

GWT emulation of java.sql

Fix for GWT emulation support for the following standard classes:

  • java.sql.Date
  • java.sql.Time
  • java.sql.Timestap

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